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Name:----------------------------------------------- Father‘s Name: _____________________

Date of Birth: ------------------------------------- Married/Unmarried -------------------------

Address (Resi): --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Contact Ph (O):____________ Resi: __________


Postal Address (If different from Resi)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Educational Qualifications (from Secondary---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Year-------------------------------------------------- Professional Qualifications----------------------------------------------------

Computer skill -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Languages known (tick, if can):

1. English 1.Read 2.Write 3.Speak 2. Urdu 1.Read 2.Write 3.Speak 3. ___________1.Read 2.Write 3.Speak

4. ___________1.Read2.Write 3.Speak

I declare that the information provided is true to the best of my knowledge
Batch Timings
Morning Evening

Applicant signature

Thank you for your interest in The One Academy of mobile technology.. The mission of academy
is to train new generations of top skilled professionals.
We offer students the opportunity for the best education in Academy of mobile technology
We look forward to receiving your complete application
For more information please visit

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