Videos From Google Videos And Watch In Full Screen Mode

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Videos From Google Videos And Watch In Full Screen Mode

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:48 am

Player to play the videos downloaded from Google. You can download the Google Video Player along with many other useful software from Google using this link (Download Google Pack) or the one just below any of the videos in this site hosted with Google Videos.

Click on the "Download High Quality Video Here And Watch In Full-Screen Mode !" link just below any Google Video.

Open the file ***.gvp directly using Google Video Player or save it to your desktop.

Start playing the movie, Google will download the movie only after you start playing it. You can pause the video and leave it for download. You can start watching the movie right away, you don't have to wait till it is completely downloaded.

All the videos would be downloaded to your "My Documents \ My Videos " folder.

Once the whole movie is downloaded, you can watch it from the small file you downloaded to your desktop or from your "My Documents\My Videos" folder.


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