PTA block imei 135790246811220 in pakistan

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PTA block imei 135790246811220 in pakistan Empty PTA block imei 135790246811220 in pakistan

Post  zanoon ashraf on Wed Aug 06, 2008 9:45 pm

PTA take it serious due to thousands of people worried , its mobile block .

china want to its class and groups . then its imei about take care o f action china mobile industries .

its not PTA mistake , Its wrong phenomenan of china manufacturing industry that same IMEI mobile launched in pakistan market ,


according to some CPLC officials this blacklisted imei (135790246811220) willbe removed from its database and this problem willbe automatically solve tomorrow?????????????????

formatting the fone the imei starts with 1 just change the imei to original which is on the back of the fone should be started with 3 then check wether its still blocked or not,
i don't think so this issue is related with Telecom because here when i format one chinese fone i must repair its IMEI to 35 which is on the back of the fone even when u format ffs in save mode inifnity software shows the original imei just copy and paste and the write it back to fone and after that check wether your fone is blocking or not
, all chinese fones don't have same imei its you the professionals in pakistan who format the fone and after that don't rebuild imei to original

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